It's like choosing your own adventure

I have a bunch of websites. Some of those websites have mailing lists associated with them where I periodically send out emails to you that are interesting, amusing, and sometimes even helpful. Each list has a different frequency with which I send messages, but they're generally pretty sporadic. I've been working on being more regular with those mails, but I'm just me.

In any case, this this the place you go to join any or all of those lists. It's also the place you go to change your preferences or, if you're tired of hearing from me, unsubscribe from a list.

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  • A mailing list for readers of JJ Vega.
  • The Monsterjavaguns Megaphone is the list you want to be on if you want to keep up with everything I'm up to, whether it's writing, making, animating, or being foolish.
  • This list is for you if you like making cool things using open source software... or you like hearing me talk about doing that on my podcast.
  • If you purchased my Blender For Dummies book (or you're just interested in Blender and 3D computer graphics), this is the list you want to join.
  • Do you like beautiful things (like jewelry) made of wood and stone? The Bentwood Forge mailing list keeps you up to date with new things I make and sometimes where those things can be purchased.
  • Join this list to follow that lying liar of lies, Ernie Vance.

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